Esa Asset Malta is able to offer its customers the systems connecting service, receiving alarms and faults, remote control and help desk through its 24/7 Control Room.

Esa Service, Esa Asset Malta parent company, has a specific Control Room, active 24/7, authorized by a Prefecture of Padua license under Art. 134 T.U.L.P.S. (Italian Consolidated Law on Public Security), by the Padua Police Headquarters and manned by security guards, according to Italian Ministerial Decreete n. 56 – 25 February 2015 n.56. Esa Service security guards have specific experience in issues related to burglar alarms, fire protection, video surveillance and other technological systems.

Some examples of services provided by Esa Service with its 24/7 Control Room are:
Alarms/Faults Receiving – Support: – receiving and analyzing alarms and faults, exchanging information with the contact person to solve issues as soon as possible;
Support – Remote Troubleshooting and prompt activation of decisive interventions on site;
CCTV Patrol – periodic inspection through video surveillance;
Help Desk – support in response to customer calls, requests for information, technology updates.

Esa Service Control Room keeps track of actions taken and delivered to the customer monthly, weekly or daily report with call detail: the joint analysis of customer / Esa Service / Esa Asset Malta is a mutual opportunity to understand the critical issues and derive a technical and organizational improvement plan.

The aim is to implement interventions to reduce the need for support from the Help Desk and Control Room and make users and customers as autonomous as possible in the use of systems and services.