The growing search for security regarding life and property has led to greater consideration of the concept of “safety”.

The fire detection systems have experienced in recent years a steady development, designed to improve traditional detection technologies, introducing new technologies for a more timely and accurate detection of the occurrence of the event, as well as automated systems that anticipate the contrast of disruptive fire effects.

Esa Asset Malta is able to provide fire at 360 ° (fire prevention devices, extinguishing systems facilities, detection systems, fire doors, etc.) for the most diverse situations, from small facilities up to major structures: university complexes, hospital and industrial sites. This is possible thanks to the experience in the field for more than 20 years of Esa Service, Esa Asset Malta partner company.

Since 1993, Esa Service is Notifier Italy (Honeywell Group) – Authorized Assistance Center for Technical Support): the continuous exchange of experiences with Notifier Italy and the professionalism of our technicians has led Esa Service to become a reference point for the fire protection issues.