The Access Control is a system developed to enable people and vehicles entering or leaving certain areas or rooms/spaces.
With access control systems, it is possible to manage the entrances to an area based on credentials of the user requesting access, allowing authorized users to access locations or environments, with a simple insertion of a code or showing badge card to a badge reader or using parking ticket or through fingerprint recognition obtained by a biometric reader.

The advantages and the potential compared to the classic use of keys or remote controls are manifold:
• recognizing people who have access to particular spaces or places and keep an archive of the transits and time in which they occurred;
• authorizing access by programming of time slots;
• allowing access to certain areas only to authorized persons;
• allowing people or vehicle counting in order to to evaluate whether you have reached the upper limits of local capacity or to assess the number of people still inside.

Esa Asset offers a wide range of products for the control of commercial, industrial and high-risk sites, integrated with standard solutions or tailored for each type of application and need.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition for Parking Facilities
Fixed vehicle transits detection system
Mobile vehicle transits detection system