The result of years of research, the strong development of video management with TCP/IP technology and specific field test campaigns conducted on OCR technology, led Esa Service, Esa Asset Malta parent company, to the development of a particular ANPR system: Esa Gate.

Esa Gate superior quality and high reliability (with a guaranteed percentage of successful reading equal to 98%, even in the most difficult conditions) make Esa Asset Malta able to offer the Customer a powerful tool. It can be used in urban areas control, in restricted access areas control, in identifying cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. with number plate reported to the Police and in parking lots management.

The benefits of the integration of Esa Gate in a parking system are:

• greater safety for the user thanks to the dual feedback between the number plate and the ticket received at the entrance;
• traceability of the actual parking time even when the Customer has lost his ticket (ticket loss) paying the right amount;
• control and eventual restriction of multiple transits in parking lots with a period of free access;
• possibility to check the car regularity (stolen number plate, number plate  reported in “black list”.

The main system devices:

• the software “engine”, which is responsible for receiving, processing and logging data, but also interacting with opening barrier and informing the operator;
• the database, in which all transaction data are stored;
• the software, which allows the system configuration. In case of multiple operator workstations, it’s possible to decide which gates have to be shown on each workstation;
• the specific camera device with advanced intelligence system , connected with the central unit via LAN;
• the high-power infrared lighting system and particular integrated optical filters, which allow to obtain high quality images both with daylight and nightlight, avoiding the problems of glare caused by the headlights or from the license plate illumination lights, in order to obtain sharp images, even with moving vehicles.