Vehicles traveling on public roads without insurance is a growing phenomenon and a very significant problem. In our home market, Italy, according to data provided by the ANIA (National Insurance Companies Association) and ACI (Italian Automobile Club), in Italy there are more then 3 milion cars registered in the Public Vehicles Registry but without a valid insurance.

This phenomenon, in addition to being an economic problem, it is a serious social problem that involves citizens, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies and not least compliance with state laws.

At the same time this issue includes being in order with other car documents and with periodical Ministry of Transport test.

Esa Gate Mobile is a simple and effective system to counter these problems.

Esa Gate Mobile uses the latest automatic number plate recognition systems with Megapixel sensors able to recognize up to 100 plates per second, front and rear, in any light condition. Moreover, thanks to the magnetic support strong sealing Esa Gate Mobile can be installed on the vehicle roof, enabling real time analysis even during the patrol.

How the Esa Gate Mobile works:
• the camera detects the number plate in transit image decoding it immediately in an alphanumeric value directly on-board;
• using a Wi-Fi this value is instantaneously sent to ‘on-board unit;
• using a GPRS / UMTS connection the Esa Gate software, installed in the vehicle, it transmits the vehicle number plate values to the MOT database which returns specific information on the vehicle within a few seconds;
• depending on the outcome of the consultation (eg non-insured vehicle) Esa Gate Mobile Software activates an alarm signal on the on-board computer. An email notifications to external operators can be sent as well;
• once the message has been displayed, the operator can communicate to the control patrol downstream the vehicle data in infringement, to proceed to the latch and to the vehicle control.