The video surveillance market is growing strongly, driven by a larger audience, by an increase in public and private security problems and by the progress of the technology industry. Thanks to the technological progress, the transition to network video system has already become reality, so that customers can take advantage of flexible systems and standards in security and video surveillance.

In the context of urban video surveillance it is possible to implement quickly CCTV networks with limited budgets and reducing operating costs. This is possible in different environments form public spaces to shopping centers and, in general, very crowded places.

In public transportation and public security, wireless broadband makes 24-hour surveillance, 7 days a week possible, in particular in inaccessible environments where also advanced wired network are not a choice. In addition, with wireless networks, patrol cars can share bidirectional remote video, audio transmissions and other types of data with colleagues and management systems placed with a single security center.

With the transition to open systems architecture, video surveillance devices have become more productive and higher quality.

Higher quality images makes possible to user to follow closer details and changes in images in order to make better and faster decisions, offering more effective protection for individual and goods. The project implementation with the use of Megapixel cameras with megapixel resolution or HDTV offers an image definition at least three times greater than standard analog definition offered by D1 or 4CIF. A superior video quality allows, therefore, the possibility of obtaining detailed images and sharp scenes taken with a consequent decrease in the number of cameras required, in order to achieve the required coverage. Thanks to better video quality of recorded images in digital systems is possible to enabling magnification and zoom from the recordings without loss of video resolution compared to the resolution of the display of live images.

It is in this context Esa Asset Malta offers a wide range of solutions for high quality and technology video surveillance systems, from Megapixel and  HDTV cameras, PTZ Speed Dome cameras, thermal cameras and 360 degrees panoramic cameras for intensive shooting.

In addition, a suite of products for video analysis allows us to offer advanced security and surveillance solutions for automatic monitoring of people, vehicles, and specific objects by analysing the behaviours associated with them.

It is possible to identify and recognize different types of objects: “natural persons”, “vehicles” and “other types.” Depending on the defined configuration, different object categories put in evidence with different colours around the subject and with tracking within the visual field.

Esa Asset Malta’parent company, Esa Service operates in Safety, Security and Information Technology since 1991, therefore provides planning and organizational skills, offering cameras and software for the different market standards, to fit as well as possible customer needs.