The Operating Lease is that form of contract by which the owner of an asset (landlord-Esa Asset Management for Esa Asset Malta) gives to others (Conductor-customer) the right to the asset’s use, for a defined period of time, against payment periodic payments.

The Operating Lease is different from a financing aimed or consumer credit.

• The Operating Lease is a financial product, and the royalties are NOT determined by interest rates (Tan and Taeg);
• The ownership of the property is held by Esa Asset Management and the customer does not become owner of the property.
• In the lease there are no duties and fees for collection expenses
• At the end of the rental period (usually 24, 36 or 60 months), the customer can :

A. Renewing the good by entering into a new rental contract and return the goods (relative to the initial contract);
B. Extend the rental contract, keeping good;
C. Regaining good at market price.