Esa Asset has developed over time a significant experience in barrier parking lot management issues. It is able to support the Customer from the initial design process of new barrier parking lots to renovation projects, considering layout, internal and external road viability. Very often, these aspects turn out to be crucial for obtaining success in future use of the structure.

Equally important are the aspects concerning area security, functionality, pleasantness (lighting, type of flooring, urban furniture elements) and compliance with local parking regulations for particular environments.

Singular devices location is another important issue: main parking system devices must be clearly visible, easily accessible, ensuring to the parking customers the shortest possible route. Devices must be easily readable in any environmental condition (both poor lighting that full solar irradiation).

Finally, Esa Asset carefully assess the opportunity to design integrated solutions that guarantee to users the best possible security (controlled access to areas of parking for both cars and people) and to owners the best control of the parking lot structure.