Esa Service has partnered with Brain Company, investigation and security company. From this partnership was born Esa Brain project, which offers solutions, security products and services, investigation and supervision, combined with the latest technology.

Investigations & Security

The Esa Brain group operates mainly in the fields of investigations, security and prevention, whether corporate or private.
Our investigators participate in seminars and study conferences, refresher training, specializing in technology and thus increase their knowledge, daily put to the “customer service”, always and only looking for “the truth”.
The rates approved by the competent Prefecture/Governative Office are applied and the group adheres to all the rules dictated by the laws in force.

Our activities

Special Investigations:
• protection of the corporate know-how;
• consulting for corporate security;
• prevention to safeguard the personal safety;
• accompanying V.I.P. – guests – delegations;
• protective stalking, kidnapping, extortion, blackmail, defamation, harassment;
• preventing robberies – seizures;
• investigations relating to crimes against property and people;
• counterintelligence and prevention of industrial sabotage;
• counterfeiting of brands and products;
• leak of formulas and processing methods;
• telephone / environmental reclamation;
• Reliability partners, shareholders, partners and employees;
• pre-employment investigations;
• surveillances;
• unfair competition;
• absenteeism;
• financial shortfall.

family Investigations:
• premarital reports;
• post-marriage for legal separations with judicially valid evidence;
• inspections and investigations of infidelity;
• protecting young people – drug use;
• anonymous letters;
• moral blackmail;
• child abuse (abuse, exploitation, pedophilia);
• tracing missing persons.

Criminal investigations:
• expert witness;
• looking for evidence and counter-evidence;
• alibi validation;
• tracing of witnesses;
• forensic findings;
• typical laboratory investigations


The “Control” Central is the result of years of experience in the technology field of active safety.
Equipped with the most sophisticated equipment allows you to receive and manage interconnections with all control systems located within the territory.
The operators ensure 24 hours 24, 365 days a year, monitoring all systems and discriminating against all types of alerts.
Through sequential verification are assessed nature, priorities and extent of the problems, by providing the necessary verifications and appropriate measures in line with law enforcement agencies.
The use of futuristic systems such as biometric recognition technologies, megapixels cameras and proximity readers allow you to protect the helpline from attempts of unauthorized intrusions, ensuring confidentiality and privacy of data processed. A disaster recovery system provides data storage in other protected location.


The activity consists in carrying out the armed guards, destined for both the private sector and the public sector services, starting from the stage of study of the issue to arrive at the design and implementation of the plan-security as effective and capable of satisfying the needs of its customers as possible. To carry out its activities the Company employs highly qualified personnel in possession of the Security Guard Certificate and firearms license for self-defense.

All Security Guards on recruitment are adequately trained and formed; such training is constantly updated with specialized courses that take into account not only the evolution of the technical sector but also the continuous changes of the legal rules governing the private security sector. All security guards are wearing the uniform of the Security Institute and and they are equipped with the necessary resources to carry out the service in full compliance with current regulations regarding Public Security issued by the competent authority. All the security guards on duty are constantly radios connected to the Operations Center receives each indicating kind (warning signs, intervention requests, anomalies, suspicious persons, etc.) and coordinates all intervention activities based on the issue to be addressed , interacting as necessary with the Police, Fire brigade, Emergency Room.

Our activities

• fixed stakeout service;
• anti-theft service;
• mobile security service;
• inspection service;
• retail anti-theft service;
• keys custody;
• money transfer patrol.

Satellite Tracking

With the brand “ESASAT”, Esa offers a satellite GPS radio localization system capable of real-time display the position of the vehicles indicating the direction of travel, speed and status of all the sensors installed on the lorry. Moreover, the system has a historical archive where it is possible to store the traveled itinerary, the distance covered or the operations performed by the driver, such as opening of the doors, booting the vehicle, etc.
In case of alarm it is possible to take action through tele-activations of equipment installed in the vehicle such as sirens, warning lights, vehicle locking devices, etc., with a assisted security service.
ESASAT also proposes solutions suited not only to vehicle safety, but also to the management of corporate fleets with additional services.

Our activities

Control Central Room:
• 24/7 Control Room;
• helpline and elevator alarms;
• video surveillance e videocontrol;
• GPS Satellite radio tracking;
• technological remote control;
• safety remote management;
• web monitoring;
• help desk ed phone help-line.

Fleet Satellite Tracking :
• route planning;
• location on digital maps of cargo, vehicles or people;
• travel plan and satellite navigation submission;
• real-time communication with fleet: speakerphone (with VoIP), messaging, events (loading, unloading and delivery)

Technological portal:
• safety and security anti-thieft system;
• CCTV, videorecording, digital images transmission;
• smoke and heat detection;
• access and attendance control;
• facilities and technological systems centralization, technological applications;
• wireless antithieft and CCTV systems;
• counterterrourism advanced digital CCTV systems.