Relamping LED


innovation and cost savings


The updating of technologies related to lighting is currently facing a major revolution that will last over time.

Esa Service, with its partner Zumtobel, leaders in this LED solutions, is able to offer its customers the Relamping process involving the modernization of existing facilities through the installation of the most modern LED lamps, characterized by:

– extremely low power consumption

– better performance

– durability

– reduced maintenance

Thanks to these LED technology’s features , Esa and Zumtobel propose to Prospect a peculiar captivating economic form, in addition to the simple supply: from the analysis of current consumption comes the kind of technology and investment that Esa and Zumtobel will do primarily to modernize the Customer facility.

With the special formula of Project Relamping, in fact, the end customer can renew its lighting system without an initial investment but with an immediate saving.

In a first period of duration agreed the generated saving is shared between the customer and Esa and Zumtobel (in the form of annual installment). At the end of the project period NOW! the entire savings will remain at the customer, for the entire led facility service life.

Consider an example related to a parking facility:

In the case where there are no systems to be updated but the system is fully to be realized, the facility is supplied with the formula of the operating lease.

Parking Facilities design and logistical aspect verification

Esa Asset has developed over time a significant experience in barrier parking lot management issues. It is able to support the Customer from the initial design process of new barrier parking lots to renovation projects, considering layout, internal and external road viability. Very often, these aspects turn out to be crucial for obtaining success in future use of the structure.

Equally important are the aspects concerning area security, functionality, pleasantness (lighting, type of flooring, urban furniture elements) and compliance with local parking regulations for particular environments.

Singular devices location is another important issue: main parking system devices must be clearly visible, easily accessible, ensuring to the parking customers the shortest possible route. Devices must be easily readable in any environmental condition (both poor lighting that full solar irradiation).

Finally, Esa Asset carefully assess the opportunity to design integrated solutions that guarantee to users the best possible security (controlled access to areas of parking for both cars and people) and to owners the best control of the parking lot structure.

Money withdrawal in cooperation with security companies

Esa Asset Malta and Esa Service have a partnership with Brain Company, an Italian company specialized in security and investigative.

Depending on the geographical location of the parking lot, Esa Service in collaboration with Brain Company, or any other security companies close to Customer, offers the following services:

• Money withdraw from automatic cash machines and parking meters;
• Cash-In-Transit;
• automated currency counting;
• cash and money lodge.

Parking Facilities Management

Thanks to the experience in direct management of parking lots, Esa Asset Malta offers gradual solutions, ranging from simple advice on specific issues up to the complete outsourcing, preparing appropriate agreements.

The gradualness of the service can be summarized in three points:

  • Customer Support at particular times, needs or problems through remote management (thanks to remotized Esa Service control room manned by security guards with specific experience in the parking lots), or with Esa Service and Esa Asset Malta on-site staff;
  • in a joint venture with the Customer;
  • Total Parking Management executed by Esa Asset.

Esa Service is attentive not only to the quality of service provided in parking management, but is also attentive to the planning issues and the reporting and analysis of data available in the parking management system, in order to improve the service and the usability of the systems in time.

Supply, installation and maintenance of automatic parking systems

Esa Asset Malta provides complete system solutions for automatic parking barriers, taking care of the phases from installation to launch into operation, both for small and medium-sized facilities and for large, complex facilities.

Likewise Esa asset Malta is able to maintain the efficiency of the entire car park offering its customers customized maintenance contracts with different SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Esa Asset’s warehouse has original spare parts of the leading brands treated. If it is devoid of original spare parts needed, Esa Asset buys them from manufatures and is able to provide them on-site with timing related to the organization of the various houses.

There are several possible ways of providing the technological systems: refer specific page of the web site for more details.

Parking Management and Remote Control with 24/7 Control Room

We can assist our customers or our customers’ customers (in the barrier parking area), in an effective and direct way through remote support.

In this offering line there are two distinct services:
 informative systems;
• automatic barrier parking facilities.

The Esa Service Remote Control and Help Desk services to our customers’ customers is provided through our Control Room Remote Systems.

Esa Service has a specific Control Room, active 24/7, authorized by a Prefecture of Padua license under Art. 134 T.U.L.P.S. (Italian Consolidated Law on Public Security), by the Padua Police Headquarters and manned by security guards, according to Italian Ministerial Decreete n. 56 – February 25th 2015 n.56. Esa Service Security Guards have specific experience in the management of the barrier parking issues. During normal hours, Esa Service security guards take remote control of the car park and deliver the following services:
Help Desk – Professional support answering to direct SOS phone calls received from all the devices of Parking automatic system (columns, cash machines, SOS point, etc.).
CCTV Patrol – periodic inspection through surveillance;
Support –  remote troubleshooting or prompt activation of decisive interventions on site.

Esa Service keeps track of actions taken and delivered to the customer monthly, weekly or daily report with call detail: the joint analysis of customer / Esa Service is a mutual opportunity to understand the critical issues and derive a technical and organizational improvement plan.

The aim is to implement interventions to reduce the need for support from the Help Desk and Control Room and make users and customers as autonomous as possible in the use of systems and services.

Our Control Room gets continuous updates to provide our customers the best service.


Charging systems for electric vehicles

In the growing world of Smart Cities Solutions, Esa Asset Malta, due to its awarness of Green Mobility issues, has anticipated the request connected to arising dissemination of electric cars, offering its own integrated solution for ground level or automatic barrier parking facility.

Esa Charge is the charging system for electric cars that allows the car park operator to offer a value-added service to its customers using an electric-powered vehicle.

The proposed solution recognizes and uses the parking ticket given at the entrance, enabling the customer to use the charging station. The Esa Charge system informs the parking management system of the completed recharge, linking it to the specific parking ticket of the same customer. Upon payment, the customer will then pay the charge and stop services with a single ticket, without additional operations.

– one ticket for both services;
– one payment procedure for both services;
– one report for both services.


ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems

The result of years of research, the strong development of video management with TCP/IP technology and specific field test campaigns conducted on OCR technology, led Esa Service, Esa Asset Malta parent company, to the development of a particular ANPR system: Esa Gate.

Esa Gate superior quality and high reliability (with a guaranteed percentage of successful reading equal to 98%, even in the most difficult conditions) make Esa Asset Malta able to offer the Customer a powerful tool. It can be used in urban areas control, in restricted access areas control, in identifying cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. with number plate reported to the Police and in parking lots management.

The benefits of the integration of Esa Gate in a parking system are:

• greater safety for the user thanks to the dual feedback between the number plate and the ticket received at the entrance;
• traceability of the actual parking time even when the Customer has lost his ticket (ticket loss) paying the right amount;
• control and eventual restriction of multiple transits in parking lots with a period of free access;
• possibility to check the car regularity (stolen number plate, number plate  reported in “black list”.

The main system devices:

• the software “engine”, which is responsible for receiving, processing and logging data, but also interacting with opening barrier and informing the operator;
• the database, in which all transaction data are stored;
• the software, which allows the system configuration. In case of multiple operator workstations, it’s possible to decide which gates have to be shown on each workstation;
• the specific camera device with advanced intelligence system , connected with the central unit via LAN;
• the high-power infrared lighting system and particular integrated optical filters, which allow to obtain high quality images both with daylight and nightlight, avoiding the problems of glare caused by the headlights or from the license plate illumination lights, in order to obtain sharp images, even with moving vehicles.

Access control to restricted areas / communities

Access Control is a system developed to enable people and vehicles entering or leaving certain areas or rooms/spaces. As part of urban mobility, the focus naturally shifts on vehicles.

With access control systems, it is possible to manage the entrances to an area based on credentials of the user requesting access, for example through recognition of the number plate.

The advantages and the potential compared to the classic use of keys or remote controls are manifold:
• recognizing people who have access to particular spaces or places and keep an archive of the transits and time in which they occurred;
• authorizing access by programming of time slots;
• allowing access to certain areas only to authorized persons;
• allow the counting of transited vehicles for Roads and Urban Planning purposes.

Esa Service offers a wide range of products for the control of commercial, industrial and high-risk sites, integrated with standard solutions or tailored for each type of application and need.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition for Parking Facilities
Fixed vehicle transits detection system
Mobile vehicle transits detection system

Fire prevention systems

The growing search for security regarding life and property has led to greater consideration of the concept of “safety”.

The fire detection systems have experienced in recent years a steady development, designed to improve traditional detection technologies, introducing new technologies for a more timely and accurate detection of the occurrence of the event, as well as automated systems that anticipate the contrast of disruptive fire effects.

Esa Asset Malta is able to provide fire at 360 ° (fire prevention devices, extinguishing systems facilities, detection systems, fire doors, etc.) for the most diverse situations, from small facilities up to major structures: university complexes, hospital and industrial sites. This is possible thanks to the experience in the field for more than 20 years of Esa Service, Esa Asset Malta partner company.

Since 1993, Esa Service is Notifier Italy (Honeywell Group) – Authorized Assistance Center for Technical Support): the continuous exchange of experiences with Notifier Italy and the professionalism of our technicians has led Esa Service to become a reference point for the fire protection issues.

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