Charging systems for electric vehicles

In the growing world of Smart Cities Solutions, Esa Service, due to its awarness of Green Mobility issues, has anticipated the request connected to arising dissemination of electric cars, offering its own integrated solution for ground level or barrier parking structure.

Esa Charge is the charging system for electric cars that allows the car park operator to offer a value-added service to its customers using an electric-powered vehicle.

The proposed solution recognizes and uses the parking ticket given at the entrance, enabling the customer to use the charging station. Esa Charge system informs the parking management system of the completed recharge, linking it to the specific parking ticket of the same customer. Upon payment, the customer will then pay the charge and stop services with a single ticket, without additional operations.
• one ticket for both services;
• one payment procedure for both services;
• one report for both services.

Mobile vehicle transits detection system

Vehicles traveling on public roads without insurance is a growing phenomenon and a very significant problem. In our home market, Italy, according to data provided by the ANIA (National Insurance Companies Association) and ACI (Italian Automobile Club), in Italy there are more then 3 milion cars registered in the Public Vehicles Registry but without a valid insurance.

This phenomenon, in addition to being an economic problem, it is a serious social problem that involves citizens, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies and not least compliance with state laws.

At the same time this issue includes being in order with other car documents and with periodical Ministry of Transport test.

Esa Gate Mobile is a simple and effective system to counter these problems.

Esa Gate Mobile uses the latest automatic number plate recognition systems with Megapixel sensors able to recognize up to 100 plates per second, front and rear, in any light condition. Moreover, thanks to the magnetic support strong sealing Esa Gate Mobile can be installed on the vehicle roof, enabling real time analysis even during the patrol.

How the Esa Gate Mobile works:
• the camera detects the number plate in transit image decoding it immediately in an alphanumeric value directly on-board;
• using a Wi-Fi this value is instantaneously sent to ‘on-board unit;
• using a GPRS / UMTS connection the Esa Gate software, installed in the vehicle, it transmits the vehicle number plate values to the MOT database which returns specific information on the vehicle within a few seconds;
• depending on the outcome of the consultation (eg non-insured vehicle) Esa Gate Mobile Software activates an alarm signal on the on-board computer. An email notifications to external operators can be sent as well;
• once the message has been displayed, the operator can communicate to the control patrol downstream the vehicle data in infringement, to proceed to the latch and to the vehicle control.

Fixed vehicle transits detection system

The result of years of research, the strong development of video management with TCP/IP technology and specific field test campaigns conducted on OCR technology, led Esa Service (Esa Asset Malta parent company) to the development of a particular ANPR system: Esa Gate.

Esa Gate superior quality and high reliability (with a guaranteed percentage of successful reading equal to 98%, even in the most difficult conditions) make Esa Service able to offer the Customer a powerful tool. It can be used in urban areas control, in restricted access areas control, in identifying cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. with number plate reported to the Police and in parking lots management.

Esa Gate includes a Web-based software suite for managing and control of the Urban Mobility. In addition to the cameras for reading the plates, it is composed of numerous other sensors and devices for the management of mobility-related processes, city-logistics and territory security control

System Functionality:
• web based access control system related to number plate Recognition;
• georeferenced cartographic map (Google Maps, Open Street Map or image);
• real time transit dashboard page, personalized for each user;
• system protected by authentication through 5 permission levels;
• advanced search features within transit and export in different formats;
• software modularity makes new system features implementation and interfacing with new devices easier;
• system indipendency from Automatic Number Plate Recognition;
• possibility to execute different digital output in order to open barriers, gates, traffic lights;
• possibility to connect other access control system (RFID, etc.);
• possibility to connect other devices such as traffic coils, variable message traffic signs, weather station, etc.;
• management of reported cars and direct connection with “stolen vehicle list”.

The main system devices are::
• the software “engine”, which is responsible for receiving, processing and logging data, but also interacting with opening barrier and informing the operator;
• the database, in which all transaction data are stored;
• the software, which allows the system configuration. In case of multiple operator workstations, it’s possible to decide which transit monitoring stations have to be shown on each workstation;
• the specific camera device with advanced intelligence system, connected with the central unit via LAN;
• the high-power infrared lighting system and particular integrated optical filters, which allow to obtain high quality images both with daylight and nightlight, avoiding the problems of glare caused by the headlights or from the license plate illumination lights, in order to obtain sharp images, even with moving vehicles. Depending on the application (parking, roads, highways) are available cameras with different performance with reading skills to over 200 Km/h.

Shooting range variation through zoom lens, IR LEDs illumination modes, focus and others settings of the camera device can be controlled on site but also remotely through LAN network. This enables regular maintenance and devices fine settings, even after physical installation, during night-time, not demanding on-site interventions.


Voice-addressable EVAC systems

In emergency situations in large environments (theaters, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, etc.) it is required to provide in a short time communications on how to evacuate, sequentially and orderly in each area involved. In order to do that, Voice-Addressable EVAC systems have a central role.

Esa Asset Malta designs integrated systems for effectively reunite EVAC systems and devices that permit the detection of emergency situations (eg fire detectors), as well as the devices responsible for light communication and management of the evacuation itself.

These systems provide digital addressable peripheral modules comprising the audio amplifier for the most appropriate speaker piloting.

CCTV Video surveillance

The video surveillance market is growing strongly, driven by a larger audience, by an increase in public and private security problems and by the progress of the technology industry. Thanks to the technological progress the transition to network video system has already become reality, so that customers can take advantage of flexible systems and standards in security and video surveillance.

With the transition to open systems architecture, video surveillance devices have become more productive and higher quality..

Higher quality images makes possible to user to follow closer details and changes in images in order to make better and faster decisions, offering more effective protection for individual and goods.

The project implementation with the use of Megapixel cameras with megapixel resolution or HDTV offers an image definition at least three times greater than standard analog definition offered by D1 or 4CIF. A superior video quality allows, therefore, the possibility of obtaining detailed images and sharp scenes taken with a consequent decrease in the number of cameras required, in order to achieve the required coverage. Thanks to better video quality of recorded images in digital systems is possible to enabling magnification and zoom from the recordings without loss of video resolution compared to the resolution of the display of live images.

It is in this context Esa Asset offers a wide range of solutions for high quality and technology video surveillance systems, from Megapixel and  HDTV cameras, PTZ Speed Dome cameras, thermal cameras and 360 degrees panoramic cameras for intensive shooting.

In addition, a suite of products for video analysis allows us to offer advanced security and surveillance solutions for automatic monitoring of people, vehicles, and specific objects by analysing the behaviours associated with them.

It is possible to identify and recognize different types of objects: “natural persons”, “vehicles” and “other types.” Depending on the defined configuration, different object categories put in evidence with different colours around the subject and with tracking within the visual field.

Esa Asset Malta parent company, Esa Service, operates in Safety, Security and Information Technology since 1991, therefore provides planning and organizational skills, offering cameras and software for the different market standards, to fit as well as possible customer needs.

Fire prevention systems

The growing search for security regarding life and property has led to greater consideration of the concept of “safety”.

The fire detection systems have experienced in recent years a steady development, designed to improve traditional detection technologies, introducing new technologies for a more timely and accurate detection of the occurrence of the event, as well as automated systems that anticipate the contrast of disruptive fire effects.

Esa Asset Malta is able to provide fire at 360 ° (fire prevention devices, extinguishing systems facilities, detection systems, fire doors, etc.) for the most diverse situations, from small facilities up to major structures: university complexes, hospital and industrial sites. This is possible thanks to the experience in the field for more than 20 years of Esa Service, Esa Asset Malta partner company.

Since 1993, Esa Service is Notifier Italy (Honeywell Group) – Authorized Assistance Center for Technical Support): the continuous exchange of experiences with Notifier Italy and the professionalism of our technicians has led Esa Service to become a reference point for the fire protection issues.

Emergency lighting

Esa Asset Malta offers solutions to provide emergency lighting, both safety (antipanic safety escape routes for particularly dangerous workplace) and substitution. Solution are consistent with the regulations and take into particular consideration the required standards and the appropriate positioning of the devices.

Esa Asset Malta offer’s main points:
• safety signs;
• safety equipment;
• emergency lighting systems;
• safety power supply;
• emergency lighting design and maintenance.

Fire Protection Devices

Esa Asset Malta includes in its Fire Safety offers also fire protection devices maintenance services for fire extinguishers, fire fighting systems and equipment, fire doors, fire hoses, hydrants and how involved for effective counteraction to the fire.

All these services and equipment can be offered and maintained directly by Esa Service, Esa Asset parent company, or depending on project requirements and customer needs the same services and equipment can be provided by the BAAP company Bergamaschi (Esa Service Partner).

Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of smoke detection systems, fire, gas, CO2, methane

Esa Asset Malta designs, builds and execute maintainance of fire detection systems, for every type of environment (including the parking facilities structures):
• conventional fire detection;
• analogue technology and multiple sensor detection technology;
• detection and fire extinguishing automatic management;
• laser technology detection, with vacuum technology;
• flames detection in high risk environments;
• sparks detection for suction system;
• gas detection for toxicity and explosion control;
• supervision systems with graphical maps.

Dal 1993, Esa Service, Esa Asset Malta parent company, is Notifier Italy (Honeywell Group) – Authorized Assistance Center for Technical Support: the continuous exchange of experiences with Notifier Italy and the professionalism of our technicians has led Esa Service to become a reference point for the fire protection issues..

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