The rise in equipment and systems and related maintenance cost, can be a barrier for the Customer to pursue its business, to adopt new systems / equipment and new technology, as the financial commitment related is important.

Esa Asset Management is the company in Esa Service Group specialized in finding financial solutions in order to offer to  its Customers the equipment and facilities with different modes: classic supply “turnkey” and operating lease.

With operating leases the Customer focuses on its “core businesss or core process” because formalities related to equipment or facilities are Esa Asset Management responsibility.

Esa Asset Management by Esa Service is able to offer customized maintenance services of the equipment according to customer needs: depending on the criticality of the sector in which the Customer operates and in which the levels of SLA are also agreed.

The Top Level of maintenance service is “full service” which includes the cost of maintenance activities “on site” typical of each device or system, with original spare parts included, in order to ensure the efficiency of the devices or systems, the maximum yield of the Customer service and the lengthening of facilities (with enhancement over time).